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Listed here are a variety of scientific papers that relate to the study of gelatinous molluscs. These papers are published in scientific journals that are not available in public libraries – you will need access to a university library or online sources. Note that references with author names in color are links to abstracts (summaries) provided by several publishing companies that produce scientific journals. In most cases, the full journal papers are available online by paid subscription (check the home page of each publishing company for details).

To search for online literature, use the new Google tool below (About Google Scholar). Use any information available – author, topic, title, words that appear in title, etc. If you see a reference below that strikes your fancy, use that information for the search. Make your query as specific as possible to limit the number of search results. If you’re lucky, you’ll come up with a link to the complete research paper, or at least an abstract. This is a new service so don’t expect everything to be online, but with time it should improve.

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