Jellies in the News

Jellyfish frequently make headlines around the world. Look here for links to recent news articles about our gelatinous friends. Many appear to present jellyfish in an ominous, threatening light. There is in fact some reason for concern, with evidence that jellyfish population blooms may be increasing in frequency around the globe. These influxes of gelatinous predators can have profound impacts on marine ecosystems. Unfortunately researchers have no solid data to back up the notion that jelly blooms are any more frequent or more intense than in the past. Also, if jelly blooms are indeed on the upswing, it’s not clear what environmental influences are implicated, whether natural or human-induced.

Take a look at here what jellies have been up to lately. There are a lot of interesting things going on in the gelatinous world. Although these news stories often seem to present jellyfish in a bad way, they’re really not out to get us. The JelliesZone will try to keep up with all current news reports on the Web. Links will not be checked everyday, however, so if you come across a dead link, it’s probably due to the ephemeral nature of many of these news stories. Links will be updated and added as frequently as possible.

Amazing Jellies: They are otherworldly creatures that glow in the dark, without brains or bones, some more than 100 feet long. And they live just off California’s coast. Join two top marine biologists who have devoted their careers to unlocking the mysteries of jellyfish and alien-like siphonophores (produced by QUEST a science show at KQED, PBS San Francisco).

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Swarms of Portugese man o’ war ‘jellyfish’ lurk off coast of Nelson – 12/20/16

Are we ready for this jelly? Fluorescent jellyfish may help solve our energy crisis – 12/17/16

PC scientist’s discoveries about jellyfish may propel future drones – 12/16/16

Dangerous jellyfish appear in Wellington Harbour – 12/14/16

Are jellyfish going to take over the ocean? – 12/8/16

Oft-overlooked jellyfisheries are too big to ignore – 12/8/16

Watch a leatherback turtle chow down like Pac-Man as it makes its way through the ocean – 12/7/16

Beachgoers warned to steer clear of bluebottle jellyfish spotted on Victorian shores – 12/5/16

When Kachemak Bay turns into a jellyfish graveyard – 12/4/16

Those mysterious creatures along Huntington Beach’s coast are burrowing sea cucumbers – 12/1/16

Australian woman warns others after near-fatal Irukandji jellyfish sting on Great Barrier Reef – 12/1/16

Concerned Queensland bloke mistakes jellyfish for a fake boob and reports ‘possible homicide’ to police – 11/30/16

Riders on the waves: jellyfish-hauling mules a dying breed – 11/22/16

Cardiologist suspects Irukandji jellyfish stung French tourists – 11/16/16

Jellyfish species sighted for first time in Iraq – 11/15/16

Further sightings of new jellyfish species – 11/9/16

Jellyfish can help scientists fight food fraud – 11/7/16

An artificial heart inspired by jellyfish – 10/24/16

Bristol supercomputer tackling the menace of jellyfish – 10/18/16

Australia’s inland jellyfish – 10/17/16

Jellyfish help scientists to fight food fraud – 10/12/16

Hundreds of jellyfish invade New Zealand coastline – 10/12/16

Sightings of unusual jellyfish in the Great Lakes – 10/12/16

Scientists help power plants predict jellyfish invasions – 10/11/16

Mauve stinger jellyfish beach in their thousands on Co Clare Strand – 10/4/16

They’re man o’wars, not jellyfish, but they’re still horrible – 9/29/16

An invasive jellyfish has barged in on Italy’s delicious anchovies – 9/27/16

What’s the cure for a jellyfish sting? – 9/27/16

“Worrying” jellyfish invasion threatens Phi Phi, Phuket beaches – 9/27/16

In photos: Jellyfish may look like floating pieces of art, but lately they have sparked health warnings and closed down beaches – 9/26/16

Deadly jellyfish could invade Kent’s beaches as the September heatwave returns – 9/22/16

Jellyfish stops a boy’s heart for 2 minutes – 9/21/16

Video/photos: Upside-down jellyfish at Waterville – 9/18/16

An unexpected discovery: Freshwater jellyfish – 9/14/16

How lobsters eat jellyfish without harm from venomous stingers – 8/28/16

Jellyfish serve as lobster taxis — and dinner – 8/25/16

Haifa University predicts arrival of jellyfish in Israel using sea temperature and lunar cycle – 8/25/16

Mysterious red jellyfish found on Gold Coast beach – 8/24/16

Jellyfish cameras to provide early warning on approaching stingers in northern Queensland – 8/23/16

Jellyfish power new energy-efficient laser – 8/22/16

This jellyfish -inspired material can conceal secret mesaages – 8/21/16

Jellyfish could stop screen glare – 8/21/16

Australian spotted jellyfish taking up residence in San Diego Bay – 8/18/16

Hundreds of blue jellyfish wash up on Welsh beaches – 8/7/16

In the increasingly damaged sea, one animal is thriving – 8/3/16

Jellyfish swarm in Myrtle Beach prompts swimming warnings – 8/2/16

How dangerous are Britain’s jellyfish? – 7/30/16

Dangerous clinging jellyfish have virtually vanished in N.J. – 7/29/16

Bid to track growing jellyfish numbers on UK beaches: Warmer seas attracting growing swathes of the stinging menaces – 7/29/16

Global warming is causing swathes of jellyfish to flock to British beaches – 7/29/16

Jellyfish are assholes – 7/26/16

Would you shove jellyfish tentacles under your arms? These volunteers did – 7/14/16

Thousands of jellyfish wash up on Cornish beach – 7/14/16

The woman who created “Sting No More” after a jellyfish sting – 7/13/16

Fish may lose their jelly friends in a changing ocean – 7/6/16

How scientists pressed for time inadvertently made it seem like there was a global jellyfish boom – 7/4/16

Stinging jellyfish come to Jersey, but beaches still safe – 6/22/16

Meet the Maritime Aquarium’s “Jellyfish Mom” – 6/20/16

Sting operation: Jellyfish targeted before they can multiply – 6/19/16

An unwelcome tourist arrives in New Jersey: Clinging jellyfish – 6/17/16

Sting from dangerous clinging jellyfish lands N.J. man in hospital – 6/15/16

Meet the very venomous Portuguese Man-of-War – 6/11/16

Rare, stinging jellyfish found in N.J. for the first time in Barnegat Bay – 6/9/16

Living fish found inside jellyfish in bizarre underwater scene – 6/7/16

Jellyfish reporters wanted in South West Nova – 6/7/16

Bizarre photo of a fish in a jellyfish – 6/7/16

10 extraordinary jellyfish species – 6/6/16

Jellyfish invasion in the Mediterranean – 5/30/16

Sea lice makes its way to the Gulf – 5/27/16

Remarkable Oregon Coast curiosity coming soon: the water jelly – 5/18/16

Bid to develop early warning system for deadly jellyfish – 5/15/16

Huge swarms of jellyfish swarm to Irish waters as weather warms up for summer – 5/12/16

Jellyfish invade Mission Bay – 5/12/16

Over a tonne of fake jellyfish seized in China – 5/11/16

The famous Jellyfish Lake is running out of jellyfish – 5/4/16

Jellyfish Lake is losing its namesake – 5/3/16

Deep-sea researchers spot a mysterious jellyfish near the Mariana Trench – 5/2/16

The Irukandji jellyfish is a thing of nightmares — and it’s about the size of a fingernail – 5/2/16

Jellyfish derived collagen firm boosted with £1.53m equity injection – 4/28/16

Upside-down jellyfish new tool in mopping up industrial pollution – 4/26/16

‘Microsoft Paint’ jellyfish discovered in the deep sea – 4/25/16

Red jellyfish influx worries Pulau Ketam fishermen – 4/20/16

Jellyfish physics aid submarine design – 4/19/16

Jellyfish in hot water – 4/18/16

Jellyfish become unintended victims of oil spill mitigation – 4/14/16

Heat trumps cold in the treatment of jellyfish stings – 4/14/16

Jellyfish collagen start-up completes £1.5m equity funding – 4/7/16

Robot jellyfish swimming at Museum Of Science And Industry For Robot Week – 4/3/16

Thousands of ‘jellyfish’ wash up on South Florida beaches – 3/31/16

Why watching comb jellies poop has stunned evolutionary biologists – 3/23/16

Pulsate your way to a peaceful lunch break with this jellyfish cam – 3/22/16

Venomous blue dragons wash up on Florida beach – 3/8/16

Weird little purple critter returns to Oregon Coast, by the millions – 3/6/16

FNQ jellyfish research goes ahead without key expert – 3/6/16

Warning system may prevent Irukandji jellyfish stings in Far North Queensland – 2/26/16

Jellyfish app reveals secrets of tentacled tenants – 2/24/16

JellyWatch app, website help scientists monitor world’s jellyfish – 2/24/16

Waiheke rash sparks jelly fish fears – 2/24/16

Video shows the deadly venom of a box jellyfish causing a toad’s organs to spasm and fail – 2/18/16

Study on box jellyfish in local yacht marinas – 2/14/16

Jellyfish battle: World’s most venomous animal loses tentacle tussle off Townsville – 2/10/16

Here’s what happens when you get stung by a box jellyfish – 2/10/16

Box jellyfish mass stranding potentially lethal, says expert – 2/8/16

It’s no yolk: Fried-egg jellyfish arrive at The Deep in Hull – 1/31/16

Hundreds of bluebottles shut down Oakura beach – 1/28/16

Hundreds of jellyfish wash up on Thanet coast – 1/26/16

Dept goes all out to raise awareness on jellyfish sting – 1/22/16

Hawai’i researchers study box jellyfish treatments – 1/19/16

Astronomers discover how tentacled “Space Jellyfish” form – 1/19/16

Is it okay for vegetarians to eat jellyfish? – 1/18/16

Researcher warns dangerous irukandji jellyfish moving south – 1/18/16

It took 200 years to prove this jellyfish is real – and now it’s breeding in captivity – 1/12/16

Mortal poison: the story of how venom works – 1/11/16

Jellyfish disaster haunts Loch Duart as losses mount – 1/11/16

Scientists: Jellyfish may save the planet from global warming – 1/10/16

Six Queensland stings in week prompt fears of irukandji jellyfish flood – 1/7/16

Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish stinging beachgoers on Cocoa Beach – 12/31/15

Zoo breeds very rare jellyfish – 12/29/15

Jellyfish flourish but wasps wobble in year of climate confusion – 12/28/15

Early cluster of marine stingers hits Fraser Island swimmers – 12/21/15

Broome beach closed after irukandji jellyfish sting – 12/20/15

These ethereal jellyfish lamps are recyclable – 12/18/15

Donegal overfishing will leave us with “nothing but jellyfish”, says Irish Wildlife Trust – 12/17/15

Vancouver Aquarium hopes to raise awareness with new jellyfish display – 12/14/15

Change in Australia’s plankton population, as climate changes, threatens human food chain – 12/14/15

Why are thousands of ‘jellyfish’ washing up on British beaches? – 12/11/15

Biologically inspired engineering – 12/9/15

Jellyfish stings – 12/8/15

How a jellyfish-obsessed engineer upended our understanding of swimming – 12/7/15

The secret to swimming like a jellyfish? Pull, don’t push – 12/4/15

Attack of the jellies: the winners of ocean acidification – 12/2/15

Citizen scientists contribute to jellyfish research – 12/1/15

Swarm of thousands of jellyfish invades Newquay beaches – 11/26/15

‘Huge’ numbers of jellyfish wash up on Cornish beaches – 11/25/15

Decomposing jellyfish goop is clogging up Norway’s northern fjords – 11/25/15

It’s hard to believe this ghostly ten-metre jellyfish is real – 11/25/15

Baby fish hide from predators under a jellyfish’s translucent bell – 11/24/15

Meet Phylliroe: the sea slug that looks and swims like a fish – 11/20/15

How to grow a jellyfish – 11/18/15

Myxozoans: Widespread parasites are actually ‘micro jellyfish’ – 11/17/15

Parasite genome reveals it’s actually a ‘micro jellyfish’ – 11/17/15

Marine invasive species benefiting from rising carbon dioxide levels – 11/6/15

Could humans swim quicker by imitating eels and jellyfish? – 11/3/15

Scientists discover secret to highly efficient swimming in some animals, such as jellyfish – 11/3/15

Happy Jellyfish Day! – 11/3/15

The trouble with jellyfish – 10/26/15

How jellyfish exhibits became underwater dance clubs – 10/19/15

The blue bottles are coming, but what exactly are these creatures? – 10/14/15

Better living through venom – 10/12/15

Clues to future of undersea exploration may reside inside a jellyfish-like creature – 10/12/15

Unusual numbers of Australian spotted jellyfish found in San Diego Bay – 10/10/15

Jellyfish venom capsule length association with pain – 10/8/15

Scientist urges action on deadly jellyfish – 10/7/15

Scientists develop unique tag for tracking jellyfish and squid – 9/30/15

Beautiful footage reveals why jellyfish are so awesome – 9/29/15

Rare Australian jellyfish spotted off coast of San Diego – 9/26/15

Far East sea awash with jellyfish – 9/18/15

Jellyfish dispersion model launched – 9/16/15

Is jellyfish the new brain food? – 9/14/15

Jet-driven jellyfish may inspire the future of submarine technology – 9/7/15

Jellyfish blob contains communicating creatures – 9/1/15

Jellyfish and other invasive species have taken to the Mediterranean Sea – 8/31/15

New hunting grounds: Jellyfish attract small fish for birds to feed on – 8/27/15

Jellyfishlike creature invasion leaves Outer Banks beachgoers mystified – 8/27/15

Video shows invasive freshwater jellyfish found in Northern Michigan lake – 8/26/15

The upside to jellyfish blooms – 8/25/15

Jellyfish at record high, says Marine Conservation Society – 8/20/15

Watch as a giant deep-sea jellyfish looms into this ROV camera’s field of view – 8/19/15

Jersey jellyfish warning for water users – 8/15/15

Scientists are ‘milking’ deadly jellyfish for medicine – 8/11/15

Jellyfish jamboree on Maine’s coast back for second summer – 8/7/15

Myrtle Beach aquarium: Beautiful, mysterious jellies – 8/7/15

Jellyfish invade Washington coast – 8/6/15

Portuguese man o’war on its way to Irish shores – 8/6/15

Erasing the souvenirs of a jellyfish sting through laser therapy – 8/6/15

Solid-state proteins drive low-threshold microlasers – 8/3/15

Rare giant leatherback turtle pictured eating barrel jellyfish off Westcountry coast – 8/3/15

Second killer ‘boxie’ spotted – 8/3/15

Puget Sound salmon losing, jellyfish winning – 7/30/15

White cross jellyfish bloom in Bay of Fundy – 7/28/15

Institutes seek help tracking jellyfish sightings – 7/26/15

No invasion of Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish in the Mediterranean this summer – 7/23/15

Photographers stun scientists with slow-motion video of jellyfish sting – 7/23/15

UH biochemist brings jellyfish sting product to market – 7/16/15

New pygmy box jellyfish Chiropsella saxoni identified by scientists after discovery by Queensland boy – 7/15/15

Expert explains what to do about Man o’ War stings – 7/12/15

Early jellyfish-like creatures sported armor – 7/10/15

Salp blooms in ocean likely a combination of natural factors – 7/9/15

Odd little jellyfish hitting Oregon Coast – 7/8/15

A new jellyfish is back in town – 7/7/15

How jellyfish have become nature’s ultimate guerrilla protesters against power plants – 7/7/15

Ningaloo Reef study to research jellyfish species and their impact on marine ecosystem – 7/6/15

Portuguese man-of-wars invade Jersey Shore in time for holiday weekend – 7/4/15

Why dangerous jellyfish are washing up in N.J., and how long they’ll stay – 6/29/15

Jellyfish new to local beaches giving out ‘nasty stings’ – 6/26/15

Electric company goes on ‘jellyfish patrol’ – 6/25/15

Potentially deadly Portuguese man-of-war washes up on Jersey Shore – 6/23/15

Lion’s mane jellyfish seen in local waters – 6/22/15

Giant jellyfish are taking over our beaches again – 6/18/15

Thousands of jellyfish wash up on Welsh beach – 6/16/15

Biggest ever jellyfish invasion could close beaches around Plymouth – 6/16/15

Heat wave leads to early onset of jellyfish – 6/16/15

Injured jellyfish seek to regain symmetry, study shows – 6/16/15

Why holidaymakers turn to jelly at the sight of jellyfish – 6/10/15

Ripley’s opens new jellyfish exhibit – 6/9/15

Giant jellyfish warning for south coast daytrippers – 6/7/15

‘Jellyfish UFO’ caught on camera in Netherlands’ sky – 6/3/15

How a box jellyfish catches fish – 6/3/15

Thinking inside the box: Insights into one of the World’s deadliest venoms – 6/2/15

These box jellyfish use their sting to anchor sperm – 5/29/15

Box jellyfish antivenom a step closer after breakthrough by Queensland scientists – 5/28/15

Jellyfish Lake in Palau is too incredibly surreal To creep you out – 5/28/15

Jellyfish protection nets installed for summer in the Mar Menor from 1st June – 5/28/15

Transcriptome and venom proteome of the box jellyfish Chironex fleckeri – 5/27/15

Natto allergy is caused by jellyfish stings, says surprising Japanese study – 5/27/15

World’s largest sea turtle could be heading for Plymouth over Bank Holiday, experts say – 5/25/15

Monster jellyfish invade Dorset coast – 5/24/15

Selling jellyfish rolls on Hanoi street for 70 years – 5/24/15

New jellies exhibit at Aquarium of the Pacific explores the mysterious lives of these gelatinous sea creatures – 5/21/15

Kimberley box jellyfish may be first found in deep water – 5/19/15

Jellyfish skin perfect mould to cast complex nanoparticles – 5/18/15

Increase in jellyfish could lead to more leatherback turtle and sunfish sightings, experts say – 5/12/15

Fukushima aquarium succeeds in breeding ctenophore discovered by emperor – 5/12/15

Populated Puget Sound sees stark shifts in marine fish species – 5/8/15

Box jellyfish first aid guidelines stay put despite doubts over vinegar antidote – 5/7/15

New device to tackle influx of jellyfish – 5/3/15

Prime fish give way to hordes of jellyfish in Puget Sound – 5/2/15

The jellyfish that sleeps – 5/1/15

Venomous Portuguese men-of-war spotted on area shorelines – 4/21/15

Millions of jellyfish invade Pacific Northwest beaches – 4/18/15

La Manga Mediterranean coast cleared after jellyfish invasion – 4/17/15

Watch giant swarm of jellyfish more than a mile long swim off the coast of Cornwall – 4/16/15

Devon and Cornwall fishermen haul barrel jellyfish blooms – 4/14/15

Oregon beaches blanketed by slimy purple ‘jellyfish’ – 4/14/15

Hot weather sparks jellyfish invasion off Devon and Cornwall coast – 4/13/15

Purple jellies piling up on Oregon Coast in huge numbers – 4/12/15

Cornwall jellyfish invasion: what to do if you are stung – 4/9/15

The value of exploring jellyfish eyes: Scientist-penned book supports “curiosity-driven” research – 4/8/15

‘Nasty’ jellyfish confirmed along Jersey shore – 4/1/15

Purple jellyfish and purple predators strand on Oregon Coast – 3/31/15

Jellyfish plague has upside for use in cooking, cleaning products – 3/28/15

Leatherback sea turtles fitted with cameras hunt for jellyfish – 3/21/15

Painful truth about jellyfish: Vinegar won’t cure sting – 3/13/15

Jelly swarm puts locals in hot water – 3/13/15

Blue blubber invasion has swimmers in pain – 3/10/15

Attack of jellyfish turns deadly on sea farms – 3/10/15

‘Jellyfish Reef’ finally combines jellyfish, sea currents, and roguelikes – 3/3/15

Tracking jellyfish – 3/2/15

The hidden world of Bucas Grande Island – 2/21/15

“Your inner jellyfish” — Origin of electrical communication in human brain traced back 600 million years – 2/17/15

Caring for a pet jellyfish is a lot easier when it’s a robot – 2/14/15

Volusia warns beachgoers of jellyfish – 2/13/15

Box jellyfish expert: Hanauma Bay poses increased hazards – 2/10/15

Jellyfish influx in Far North – 2/10/15

This is the first jellyfish lake in India – 2/4/15

Sea lice: What are the tiny ocean irritants? – 2/4/15

There are no erotic jellyfish in the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie – 2/1/15

This is why glowing jellyfish proteins have revolutionized medicine – 1/26/15

Brainless animal turns out to be world-class swimmer – 1/22/15

These jellyfish aren’t just drifters – 1/22/15

Canterbury beach covered in bluebottle jellyfish – 1/17/15

Growing large on jelly – 1/15/15

Salp blooms puzzle Nova Scotia scientists – 1/15/15

Irukandji jellyfish sting two teens in two days – 1/14/15

Tiny jellyfish stinging at Auckland beaches – 1/14/15

‘Jellyfish armageddon’? Cold snap pushes blobs to the beach – 1/11/15

Fried egg jellyfish exist and they’re freaking adorable – 1/9/15

Jellyfish wash up on Redcliffe Peninsula – 1/9/15

Swarms of Blue Blubber jellyfish spotted off the Queensland southeast coast – 12/23/14

Eat the enemy: As jellyfish bloom, so do appetites overseas – 12/18/14

Swarm of deadly jellyfish invades British waters and kills 300,000 salmon – 12/16/14

Baby lobster with a taste for jellyfish surfing – 12/16/14

Loch Duart suffers 300,000 salmon loss due to jellyfish – 12/15/14

Suez Canal expansion might mean more alien species invading the Mediterranean – 12/8/14

Jellyfish industry meets resistance in South Carolina (video) – 12/4/14

Caribbean box jellyfish found in Australia for first time, on Queensland’s Gold Coast – 12/2/14

‘Tis the season to see jellyfish – 11/26/14

The Jellyfish Whisperer – 11/19/14

Expert warns of deadly stingers in local waters – 11/15/14

Ancient jellyfish died a strange death – 11/14/14

Jellyfish invasions are wreaking havoc, and we’re helping them – 11/12/14

Debate rages over best practice for treating jellyfish stings – 11/12/14

Monterey Bay Aquarium launches jellyfish webcam – 11/11/14

Jellyfish company ordinance passes – 11/10/14

A surprising appetite for dead jellyfish – 11/10/14

Danger warning as hundreds of jellyfish on Salthill beach – 11/8/14

Big moon jelly blooms tied to new dock construction – 11/5/14

Diaphanous, sometimes deadly, jellyfish pictures from National Geographic’s archives – 11/3/14

Jellagen readies for international push – 11/3/14

Stinger season officially begins with safety reminder – 11/2/14

Yamagata co-op markets bank account that offers love interest – 10/30/14

Seabed feeding frenzy proves dead jellyfish get eaten – 10/29/14

Deaths of rare turtles could be linked to jellyfish numbers – 10/28/14

Ancient jellyfish suffered strange, sandy death – 10/28/14

This new testing strip can detect Ebola, thanks to jellyfish – 10/27/14

Beach stinger nets to return – 10/27/14

New system to warn of jellyfish swarms – 10/27/14

Return of the pink meanies – 10/23/14

Rarely-seen venomous jellyfish spotted in Manasquan River – 10/23/14

New footage unveiled of a Mediterranean jellyfish that resembles a fried egg – 10/21/14

Kamo Aquarium to partner with Berlin zoo on jellyfish – 10/18/14

Collagen Solutions to collaborate in jellyfish study – 10/16/14

Jellyfish falls: An underestimated boon to deep sea ecosystems – 10/15/14

Invasive species experts say recent jellyfish sighting is not a rare occurrence in Wisconsin lakes – 10/15/14

Thousands of jellyfish invade the Gold Coast – 10/15/23

WATCH: The secret life of Velella jellyfish – 10/13/14

Absurd creature of the week: The beautiful but deadly undersea raver that digests its victims alive – 10/10/14

Huge jellyfish swarms caused by junk dumped in Gulf of Mexico – 10/9/14

Egypt’s expansion of the Suez Canal could ruin the Mediterranean Sea – 10/8/14

Beaufort County moving to tighten jellyfish rules – 10/7/14

Man-of-wars make rare appearance on Outer Banks beaches – 10/3/14

A million jellyfish invade eastern waters – 10/3/14

Masses of dead jellyfish in Alaska waters not unusual, says NOAA scientist – 9/30/14

Tunisia’s tussle with jellyfish – 9/30/14

Our lakes have a rare, infrequent visitor: jellyfish – 9/28/14

Safe sea jellyfish sting preventer, sunblock combo promises protection from both stings and UV rays – 9/25/14

What’s that weird purple sea creature? Explaining viral video – 9/23/14

Soft salp – 9/17/14

South Coast bluebottle invasion ‘not unusual’ for this time of year – 9/18/14

A green blanket on the Arabian Sea – 9/15/14

Jellyfish: It’s what’s for dinner – 9/15/14

Second consecutive summer sighting of compass jellyfish – 9/14/14

Buzzards Bay pollution is only jellyfish – 9/13/14

‘Jelly Reef’ coming next year – 9/12/14

Jellyfish swarms: Bellwethers of environmental change – 9/11/14

Sea creatures add branch to tree of life – 9/3/14

Bluebottle jellyfish blanket parts of the northern beaches coastline – 8/29/14

The 100-foot sea critter that deploys a net of death – 8/29/14

Jellyfish causing local, global stir – 8/28/14

560-million-year-old fossil provides earliest evidence of muscles – 8/27/14

Boy dies from box jellyfish sting in Thailand – 8/26/14

Jellyfish sting 400 Florida beachgoers after large swarm pushed close to shore – 8/25/14

Mysterious jellyfish-like creatures invade America’s beaches – 8/22/14

Jellyfish: From sea creature to crisp and refreshing cuisine – 8/19/14

Scientists capture jellyfish sting in slow-motion – 8/18/14

WATCH: A jellyfish stinging in slow motion – 8/18/14

Stinging question for summer: Where are all the sea nettles? – 8/16/14

Why are jellyfish swarming this summer? – 8/16/14

The purple siphonophore – a deep water denzien captured on video – 8/15/14

The tourism potential of jellyfish – 8/11/14

Invasion of foreign jellyfish is threat to swimmers – 8/10/14

New jellyfish discovered: giant venomous species found off Australia – 8/8/14

Giant jellyfish spotted in the Adriatic for first time since Second World War – 8/8/14

India’s first jellyfish lake discovered – 8/7/14

Beware The HELLYFISH! – 8/7/14

Fears that deadly Portuguese man-of-war are heading for UK beaches – 8/6/14

Jellyfish uses supercomputing strategy to find food – 8/6/14

Two newly discovered irukandji jellyfish species found off WA coast – 8/5/14

How to: Photograph jellyfish in an aquarium setting – 8/4/14

Mysterious Velella washing up on California Coast – 8/1/14

GoPro captures nightmarish swarm of jellyfish – 8/1/14

Beachings of exotic blue velella tied to wind patterns – 7/31/14

Unusual sea creatures sail back to Monterey Bay – 7/31/14

Missing jellyfish in the Chesapeake Bay – 7/25/14

New report takes stock of jellyfish in UK seas – 7/23/14

Record numbers of jellyfish off UK coast – 7/22/14

Plymouth coast is a jellyfish hotspot according to report of 5,000 sightings – 7/22/14

Invasion of the giant jellyfish – 7/17/14

Korean government to deploy jellyfish-killing robots – 7/17/14

Fears a surge in the jellyfish population may hit fish stocks – 7/16/14

Jellyfish: Beautiful, dangerous, delicious – 7/13/14

Scientists investigating increase in jellyfish off Maine coast – 7/11/14

Jellyfish-like creatures appear on Ore. beaches – 7/9/14

How to treat a jellyfish sting – 7/9/14

This strange purple creature is actually a living colony – 7/9/14

Picturesque beach covered by a carpet of stranded jellyfish – 7/9/14

“Living fireworks show”: The Flower Hat Jelly – 7/9/14

Stranded ‘sailors’ – 7/5/14

Making jelly babies – mating season in full bloom in Irish waters – 7/5/14

Another Life: By-the-wind sailors bring beach visitors to their knees – 7/5/14

People are asked to report any jellyfish sightings – 7/4/14

Monterey biologist reveal life of elusive jellyfish that looks like fireworks – 7/3/14

Undersea life, clear as glass – 7/3/14

Cyprus wants public to help monitor jellyfish sightings in Med – 7/3/14

What you need to know about the coming jellyfish apocalypse – 6/30/14

Huge 20kg jellyfish spotted off Cornwall coast – 6/27/14

Norway fjord invaded by monster jellyfish – 6/26/14

Is the warty comb jellyfish here to stay in Israel? – 6/26/14

Bright blue ‘sea nettle’ jellyfish are spotted at Newquay – 6/25/14

Mysterious billowing sea creature spotted 5,000ft below the ocean’s surface – 6/19/14

Absurd creature of the week: The 120-foot-long jellyfish that’s loving global warming – 6/13/14

Economic impacts of jellyfish – 6/8/14

Jellagen gets huge SEIS backing – 6/7/14

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Jellyfish invading Gold Coast canals, numbering in the thousands – 3/13/12

Queensland man films massive jellyfish swarm – 3/9/12

Appetite for UW-Stout professor’s “Jellyfish Burger” is national – 3/5/12

Abnormally large mauve stingers sighted – 3/2/12

Jellyfish inspired lighting, Aurelia LED table lamp – 2/27/12

Thousands of jellyfish wash ashore on South Padre Island – 2/21/12

Tourists plunge into idyllic lake with 8 million jellyfish – 2/20/12

Survey finds jellyfish takeover exaggerated – 2/3/12

Marine ecology: Attack of the blobs – 2/1/12

Jellyfish invasion at Auckland beaches – 1/24/12

Nuclear plant is told to strengthen jellyfish defenses – 1/16/12

Don’t take the risk of jellyfish stings: lifeguards – 1/16/12

Jellyfish flock to Coast beaches after big wet – 1/11/12

Doomed jellyfish replaced with wild ones – 1/8/12

Bright blue menace real threat to fun in the waves  – 12/30/11

Stranded Portuguese man-of-wars make for blue Christmas on Hilton Head beaches – 12/27/11

Vancouver Aquarium features LED origami jellyfish installation – 12/25/11

Jellyfish harvest has begun – 12/21/11

Illuminating the perils of pollution, nature’s way – 12/19/11

Jellyfish blow ashore on Wellington’s south coast – 12/19/11

Jellyfish shut St. Lucie County nuclear plant – 12/8/11

Jellyfish Lake in Palau swarms with complex historical wonders – 11/29/11

Jellyfish may be helping leatherback sea turtles make a comeback – 11/25/11

Robojelly gets an upgrade – 11/22/11

UK waters turning into jellyfish soup – 11/16/11

Rare ‘pink’ meanie jellyfish chance catch – 11/14/11

Jellyfish strokes come to life with laser vision – 11/10/11

Scientists work to measure, understand Jersey jellyfish explosion – 11/2/11

Swimming jellyfish may play a key role in climate change – 11/2/11

Expert predicts stinger stinger season spike – 11/2/11

How a jellyfish protein transformed science – 10/27/11

Jellyfish reach end of life – 10/17/11

Jellyfish washes ashore as bizarre new food fad – 10/5/11

Moon jellies continue to wash ashore – 10/4/11

Stingers spark fears – 10/1/11

No fins? No problem. Jellyfish have their own hunting tricks – 9/30/11

Tropical paradise lost as marine stingers move in – 9/30/11

Swarms of jellyfish invading the Med, warns top scientist – 9/29/11

Researchers hope new cameras will help jellyfish study – 9/26/11

Jellyfish picture scoops British Wildlife Photography award – 9/25/11

Jellyfish stings force Diana Nyad to quit – 9/25/11

Jellyfish clog waters for fishermen in Gulf of Mexico – 9/20/11

Jellyfishes shown to be effective predators – 9/16/11

Minnesota medusa: Seriously, jellyfish in Minnesota? – 9/13/11

Green-glowing cats are new tool in AIDS research – 9/12/11

‘Population explosion’ of invasive species raise concern – 9/6/11

Researchers study nettlesome invasion in Barnegat Bay – 9/2/11

Turtles lured to UK by jellyfish – 8/28/11

Non-stinging fried egg jellyfish returns – 8/26/11

Sardine and anchovy overfishing facilitates jellyfish proliferation – 8/24/11

New to nature no. 51: Tamoya ohboya! – 8/21/11

Who, What, Why: Why are we plagued by jellyfish? – 8/18/11

The Desktop Jellyfish Tank: A real live lava lamp for your desktop – 8/17/11

Jellyfish invade South Florida beaches, but don’t spoil fun – 8/15/11

Manage sea lice rash yourself – 8/9/11

Jellyfish explosion in Barnegat Bay worries scientists – 8/6/11

Jellyfish on a plate – 8/6/11

Box jellyfish numbers soar – 8/5/11

How to treat a sea nettle jellyfish sting – 7/30/11

Slimy purple people stingers: Glow-in-the-dark mauve stinger jellyfish invade Gulf Coast beaches – 7/30/11

Huge jellyfish washes up on Kayak Point – 7/29/11

British And Irish beachgoers on jellyfish swarm alert – 7/24/11

Urine said ineffective for jellyfish sting – 7/22/11

Hunting jellyfish threaten fish stocks – 7/22/11

Aussie jellyfish invade Spain, force beach closures – 7/22/11

Missing: Chesapeake Bay jellyfish – 7/21/11

Rise in jellyfish at UK beaches, say conservationists – 7/21/11

Are there more jellyfish about off Norfolk’s beaches this summer..? – 7/21/11

Join jellyfish survey at the beach – 7/21/11

Blooming jellyfish mass off coast for height of summer holidays – 7/21/11

Plastic docks harbor jellyfish, scientist says – 7/15/11

Moving toward jellyfish-inspired propulsion – 7/14/11

Jellyfish swim for their supper – 7/12/11

Tiny jellyfish make sizable invasion in some Oregon coast spots – 7/8/11

Rare black jellyfish spotted off the coast of San Diego – 7/7/11

Jellyfish invasions force shutdowns at 3 separate nuclear plants – 7/7/11

Surge in numbers of jellyfish stinging tourists could be due to climate change – 7/6/11

Jellyfish threaten to take down Israeli power plant – 7/5/11

Hawaii home to many kinds of jellies – 7/3/11

Meet the salps: They’re slimy, they’re gelatinous, and they’re not jellyfish – 7/2/11

Jellyfish shut down nuclear reactors – 6/30/11

Jellyfish keep UK nuclear plant shut – 6/29/11

All-in-one StingOUT kit takes the pain out of jellyfish stings – 6/29/11

Jellyfish return to the nation’s coasts – 6/28/11

Ever wonder about the jellies that takeover the harbor in summer? – 6/28/11

Aquarium opens new invasive jellyfish exhibit – 6/27/11

Warming oceans cause largest movement of marine species in two million years – 6/26/11

Jellyfish back off at Japan nuclear power plant – 6/24/11

Diver makes amazing video in rare jellyfish lake – 6/23/11

Portuguese man o’ war invade Phuket – 6/20/11

Unusual number of freshwater jellyfish found in China – 6/13/11

Green fluorescent protein makes for living lasers – 6/13/11

Laser is produced by a living cell – 6/12/11

Jellyfish drastically change marine food webs: study – 6/12/11

The purple nettle jellyfish – 6/10/11

Painful Portuguese man-of-war shows up on SC coast – 6/10/11

Excessive jellyfish excrement boosts bacteria, stings fish populations – 6/7/11

In pictures: Jellyfish blooms – 6/7/11

What the heck is this? – 6/7/11

So much more than plasma and poison – 6/6/11

Waste slime turns jellyfish into ecological vampires – 6/6/11

Malta gets new jellyfish posters – 6/5/11

Jellyfish shift ocean food webs by feeding bacteria with mucus and excrement – 6/4/11

Scientists track the suckiest Chesapeake jellyfish: Sea nettles – 6/3/11

Mauve stinger jellyfish could linger near Brevard’s beaches for a year – 6/2/11

Fertility loves company: Why mauve stingers don’t go solo – 6/1/11

Gorgeous video explains why there’s no such thing as a jellyfish – 6/1/11

Jellyfish stings: Pack the vinegar in the beach bag – 6/1/11

What to do after being stung by a jellyfish – 5/31/11

Rise of jellyfish spawns fears – 5/31/11

Jellyfish put sting into holiday weekend at some Florida beaches – 5/30/11

Panic at the Forty Foot: Jellyfish increase a ‘bad sign’ for Ireland’s waters – 5/29/11

Thousands of jellyfish washing up on beaches – 5/27/11

Hunting elusive green fluorescent proteins – 5/25/11

Jellyfish washed up along beaches in Burnham area ‘are harmless’ – 5/24/11

Video: What’s it like to swim in ‘Jellyfish Lake’? – 5/24/11

Georgia shrimpers turn to catching jellyfish – 5/23/11

Chinese jellyfish salad – 5/22/11

Giant jellyfish invade Japanese waters – 5/18/11

Jellyfish delight in new exhibit at Shedd Aquarium – 5/4/11

Brainless box jellyfish know which way is up – 4/28/11

Jellyfish invade Sand Bar – 4/27/11

Two more rare jellyfish species reported in Maltese waters – 4/24/11

Jellyfish’s adaptability makes it one of the ocean’s great mysteries
– 4/18/11

Ten fascinating ethnic ingredients chefs should get to know better – 4/18/11

Boynton Beach teacher’s summer island job: Lead jellyfish count – 4/16/11

Shedd Aquarium’s new exhibit all about jellies – 4/13/11

Jellyfish industry for Barnegat Bay? – 3/11/11

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Giant jellyfish invade Japan – 3/10/11

Scientists to track the great jellyfish invasion of Irish Sea – 3/3/11

Box jellyfish venom research leads to sting treatment – 3/3/11

Winds push jellyfish onto local beaches – 3/2/11

Box jellyfish turning NSW to jelly – 2/28/11

Spot the jellyfish photography competition – 2/20/11

Busting jellyfish myths – 2/12/11

Jellyfish a tough call: Chewy texture and a ‘different’ taste – 2/10/11

Jellyfish considered a delicacy in the Far East – 2/10/11

Microscopic jellyfish a pain for swimmers  – 2/10/11

Invasive comb jellyfish pose no direct threat to Baltic cod eggs and larvae – 2/9/11

Blue menace litters beaches – 1/27/11

“Pink meanie” pictures: New jellyfish attacks other jellies – 1/24/11

8 beautiful bioluminescent creatures from the sea – 1/21/11

Outbreak of jellyfish could spell trouble for fisheries – 1/18/11

Jellyfish blooms plague the world’s oceans – 1/14/11

‘Pink meanie’ a jellyfish like no other – 1/11/11

Exotic food: Jellyfish – 1/11/11

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