Vallentinia adherens  Hyman, 1947
Phylum Cnidaria / Class Hydrozoa / Order Limnomedusae / Family Olindiasidae

Unless you’re really determined, don’t try to find this tiny hydromedusae unless you have lots of time and know where to look. It’s only known from the waters off Pacific Grove in Monterey Bay, and lives quite inconspicuously attached to seaweeds in shallow nearshore habitats. The transparent bell only reaches a diameter of about 8 mm. Each of the 4 radial canals holds a ruffled golden-brown gonad. The central squarish stomach has a creamy white color. Four long tentacles, each with a terminal adhesive disc, and about 40 shorter tentacles, usually with a terminal disc, ring the bell margin. The rings of nematocysts on the tentacles are very distinctive. One or two statocysts lie between each of the tentacles.

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