Pantachogon spp.
Phylum Cnidaria / Class Hydrozoa / Order Trachymedusae / Family Rhopalonematidae

If you do mid-water trawls below 1000 meters off the West Coast you’re likely to encounter this tiny jewel of a jelly. At most the bell is only 12 mm wide and usually a bit less. The colorless exumbrella is transparent, revealing the stunning orange color of the manubrium, gonads, velum and sometimes the subumbrella. The velum is broad and muscular. Conspicuous musculature may be visible in the subumbrella. Gonads run along most of the length of each of the 8 narrow radial canals. Up to 48 tentacles or more line the bell margin – they are typically lost in trawl-collected specimens although the bell usually remains in good shape. The tubular manubrium has 4 simple lips and a peduncle. Deep water habitats from Baja California to British Columbia , and relatively shallow water (below 100 meters) in some British Columbia fjords, harbor Pantachogon. There appears to be several related species within the group.

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