Neoturris breviconis (Murbach & Shearer, 1902)
Phylum Cnidaria / Class Hydrozoa / Order Anthomedusae / Family Pandeidae

Here’s an attractive hydromedusa that likes things on the cool side. Neoturris favors boreal and arctic waters, so if you see one while diving, you’re probably shivering. It’s distinctly taller than wide, with a bell height up to 4.5 cm. Four wide radial canals are visible through the transparent bell. The top of the bell has a gelatinous projection. The conspicuous, broad manubrium may be orange, red or pink and has lips with fine frilly margins. Horseshoe-shaped gonads are attached to the manubrium and have a series of folds on the sides. At least 100 or more tentacles line the bell margin. Neoturris inhabits North Pacific and North Atlantic waters and is relatively common along most of the Alaskan coast. It’s occasionally seen within inland waters of British Columbia and Washington, and has been observed as far south as Monterey Bay.

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