Melicertum octocostatum
Phylum Cnidaria / Class Hydrozoa / Order Leptomedusae / Family Melicertidae

Here’s a jelly that plays on both coasts, being relatively common in coastal areas of the North Atlantic, and also found widely in the North Pacific (Bering Sea south to Oregon). Melicertum is a nearshore jelly that can also be found in estuaries. It’s a fairly distinct hydromedusa, with 8 bright yellow or brownish-yellow linear gonads along the radial canals, easily visible through the transparent bell. The bell reaches a maximum length of 14 mm. The stomach is short and broad. Numerous tentacles line the bell margin, with up to 88 large tentacles alternating with smaller ones (the tentacles are contracted in the photo). Prey includes copepods, polychaete larvae and fish larvae.


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