Leuckartiara spp.
Phylum Cnidaria / Class Hydrozoa / Order Anthomedusae / Family Pandeidae
Anthomedusa, Leuckartiara, Monterey CA, Pacific Ocean

Late spring and summer brings your best opportunity to find this diminutive, inconspicuous hydromedusa. The transparent bell, which can be up to 2 cm tall, is distinguished by a gelatinous cap at the apical end. This species is among those anthomedusae that possess light sensitive ocelli at the tentacle bases. The large, broad manubrium, frilly mouth, and folded gonads form the conspicuous orange or yellow-brown colored central mass. The 4 radial canals are broad and ribbon-like, and may have rippled edges. Long tentacles (from 1 to 4 dozen in number) are used to capture gelatinous prey. Medusae of Leuckartiara are short-lived, probably lasting only a month or two.

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