Halicreas minimum Fewkes, 1882
Phylum Cnidaria / Class Hydrozoa / Order Trachymedusae / Family Halicreatidae

This cosmopolitan, deep-water species has a relatively stiff feel compared with other jellies. The bell is colorless and transparent, with a width up to 4 cm and height somewhat less. The apex of the bell (not visible in this photo) typically has a pointed projection. Overlying each of the 8 broad radial canals are gelatinous projections on the exumbrella. Long, flat conspicuous gonads curve to line the radial canals. The mouth and stomach are circular. Canals and stomach may have a pale orange color. Trawl collected specimens, like the one in the photo, usually lose most of the tentacles – normally up to 640, with the longest at the perradii (in line with the radial canals), line the bell margin. With its stiff jelly, only the lowest portion of the bell flexes while pulsing, hence the weak swimming ability.

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