Catablema nodulosa (Bigelow, 1913)
Phylum Cnidaria / Class Hydrozoa / Order Anthomedusae / Family Pandeidae

You’ll need to travel to Puget Sound and areas north to find this hydromedusa. It’s a small jelly, with bell up to 2 cm wide. A distinctive feature is the prominent bulbous gelatinous cap at the tip of the bell. Four broad, jagged-edged radial canals are easily visible. The wide stomach has frilly lips and a light brown, pinkish or golden-brown color. Folded conspicuous gonads with similar coloration attach to the stomach. Individuals vary in the number of tentacles, with some possessing 8, others 16, and the rest favoring 32. Comb jellies and other hydromedusa fall prey to this medusivore. This jelly ranges from Puget Sound to the Bering Sea and may be abundant during late spring.It’s generally found in water no deeper than about 100 meters.

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