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Links to Gelatinous Zooplankton Websites

These links to other gelatinous sites should provide a good start in your quest to learn about these creatures. Please remember that material presented in these sites is not the property of the JelliesZone – do not copy images or information without permission from the site owners. 

Amazing Jellies Game Test your knowledge of the gelatinous lifestyle, from theNew England Aquarium

The Bluebottle or Portuguese Man-of-War  The Australian Museum presents an informative profile about this nasty gelatinous beast

The Bioluminescent Page  They glow in the dark !

Cassiopea  Add the upside-down jelly to the list of introduced nuisance species

Catalogue of Life: Cnidaria  Here’s the place to do some gift shopping

Chesapeake Bay Jellies  Cool jellies from the East Coast

Class Scyphozoa  Scyphozoan jellies from the waters of Massachusetts (Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole)

Claudia Mills Home Page  Learn more about hydromedusae, comb jellies and others

CnidBase  Cnidarian Evolutionary Genomics Database

Encyclopedia of Life: Scyphozoa  “Global access to knowledge about life on Earth” — can’t go wrong with that!

European Appendicularians  You probably don’t know much about larvaceans. Go to this site to help change that

Fossil Holoplanktonic Mollusca  See what pteropods and heteropods have been up to in prehistoric times 

Image Gallery: Jellyfish Rule!  A smorgasbord of gelatinous delights

Image Quest 3-D  Scientific photography at its best, by Peter Parks, including great photos of jellyfish and other plankton

Introduction to Ctenophora  Comb jelly information, from the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology (UCMP)

Introduction to Cubozoa  Learn more about fearsome box jellies (from UCMP)

Introduction to Scyphozoa  More information on scyphozoan jellies (from UCMP)

Irukandji  Australia’s invisible killer

Jellyfish Art  Now you can have jellies in the comfort of your own home 

Jellyfish Care Manual  Everything you need to know about maintaining jellies, written by professionals at the Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Jellyfish Database Initiative  A scientifically-coordinated global jellyfish database funded by the National Science Foundation and National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)

Jellyfish Envenomations  A bit technical, but more than you ever wanted to know about jellyfish stings

Jellyfish Gone Wild!  An entertaining and informative multi-media National Science Foundation review of the science behind jellyfish blooms

Jellyfish & Other Zooplankton  Information about all kinds of gelatinous zooplankton, from one of the premier oceanographic institutes

Jellyfish Sting Newsletter  Index to research papers featuring gelatinous stingers

Jellyfish Stings Treatment  What to do if a jellyfish stings you

JellyWatch  Do your part and help science by reporting your gelatinous sightings here

Marine Notes  Sea nettles not welcome in Maryland !

Ocean Portal: Jellyfish and Comb Jellies  More gelatinous brain food from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Oceana  Your gateway to what’s going on to protect the world’s oceans

Pacific Cnidaria Research Lab  Learn how box jellies accomplish their nasty deeds

Pelagic Zone  Jellies and other creatures of the pelagic realm in Monterey Bay

Pet Fish Talk  Mike Morgano from the New York Aquarium talks about the Alien Stingers exhibit

Photo Gallery: Jellyfish  Some images of jellies from around the world

Phyllorhiza  The white-spotted jelly, an Australian native, has become a nuisance in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii

Phylogeny of Pelagiidae  The latest from the world of sea nettles and purple-stripe jellies

Plankton  A selection of great plankton photos, including some gelatinous species

Plankton Chronicles  See your gelatinous friends starring in a variety of informative videos

Scripps Institution Collection Databases  Search here for your favorite floaters

Springer LINK Use the search function to access abstracts of recent research appearing in numerous scientific journals published by Springer

The Scyphozoan  Dedicated to all aspects of the biology of scyphozoan jellies, with a section that permits contributions on taxonomy, behavior, ecology, evolution and biogeography, along with images

Siphonophores  Learn more about these predatory masters of the midwater

Stunning Jellyfish  Some amazing video of jellyfish swarms from National Geographic

Tree of Life  Where do jellies fit in?

Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island and McMurdo Sound  Chill out with jellyfish and other cnidarians from Antarctica

Vicious Beauties  Up close and personal with the jellies lifestyle

Zootaxa: Cnidaria Tons of links to original cnidarian research papers in the journal Zootaxa

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