• Cross jelly
  • Beroe
  • Crystal jelly
  • Cyclosalpa
  • Purple-stripe jelly
  • Sea angel
  • Sea butterfly
  • Sea nettle swarm
Cross jelly1 Beroe2 Crystal jelly3 Cyclosalpa4 Purple-stripe jelly5 Sea angel6 Sea butterfly7 Sea nettle swarm8
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They’re slimy, oozy and flimsy. Misconceptions abound. They lead lives of mystery, even to scientists who devote years studying their secretive habits. Jellyfish and other gelatinous animals like ctenophores (comb jellies), pteropods (sea angels and sea butterflies), heteropods and pelagic tunicates (salps, doliolids and pyrosomes) are actually among the most beautiful creatures of the sea. And their goal in life is not to sting people. The JelliesZone will reveal some of their beauty and open your eyes to the wondrous world of jellyfish and gelatinous zooplankton! 

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